Oko Sushi & Teriyaki Japanese Restaurant

Beer and Wine

Takara Plum Wine
Intense summer fruit flavor.
Glass $5.95
Hot Sake Small $4.95
Large $7.95
House Wine Glass $4.95
½ Carafe $10.95
Japanese Beer
Sapporo Small $4.95
Large $7.95
Domestic Beer
Coors Light $4.95
Corona $4.95
Sierra Nevada $4.95
Oko Sushi Sake Special
Nigori (Unfiltered)
Rice polished over 50% to give silky‑smooth texture. Rich and fruity. Go with light food such as sashimi.
Shot $4.95
Bottle $12.95
Premium Ginjo
Bold and sweet. Rich and robust with distinctive flavor. Go with spicy food.
Shot $5.95
Large $15.95
Soft Drinks
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Lemonade, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer
Ice Tea (Reg., Raspberry)
Tempura Cheesecake with Ice Cream $6.95

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